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Nazwa szkoły: „Iancului” Gymnasium Schoolflaga-rumunii[1]

The name of the school: „Iancului” Gymnasium School

Miasto: Bukareszt

Town: Bucharest

Wiek uczniów: 6-14 lat

Age of students: 6-14

W projekcie biorą udział uczniowie w wieku 11-14 lat

Age of students involved in the project:11-14

Ilość uczniów: 700 uczniów

The number of students: 700

Ilość uczniów biorących udział w projekcie: 170

Students involved in the project: 170

Ilość nauczycieli biorących udział w projekcie: 15

Teachers involved in the project: 15

Wyposażenie szkoły: dobrze wyposażone laboratorium informatyczne i inne klasopracownie, białe tablice, komputery, internet

Facilities: well-equipped IT lab and other classrooms, whiteboards, computers, the internet


 „Iancului” Gymnasium School is one of the oldest schools (about 130 years) in the Bucharest, the capital of Romania  and it is situated near the city center.  In the school there is an IT lab with all the necessary equipment (internet, computers ,scanner, video projector, white boards) and the classes are very attractive for the students and also they have the possibility to work on their projects in this lab. There are a lot of interesting projects that we implement in our school in collaboration with the town hall, the local community, NGOs and also the students’ parents.


In this school there are over 700 students aged between 6 and 14 and we can say that is one of the best schools due to the excellent results obtained in the Romanian, English, History, Physics, Math and Religious Education school competitions.

However, in the recent years we have encountered an increasing number of students with learning and socializing difficulties. The children whose parents have divorced represent an important issue because they have poor school results, they lack motivation and that is why they need more interesting and challenging activities.

The role of our school in the project will be  to coordinate the  project and all the partners, to create the blog and  the facebook account, to organize the project meeting activities, to do the activities of the project, to put the pictures on blog,  to prepare a Dictionary and a Historical Album, shows (theater, music, dance), objects, posters, leaflets, Cds and DVDs, to make surveys and write plays..

We think that the Comenius project will change all the persons involved: students, teachers and parents. They all will cooperate, will taking initiative, will work in team. The students will be more responsible in their activities and tolerant with the other cultures and they will develop their talents, interests and social skills, English language and also IT communication skills; their school results will be better. Our students will learn new things by doing interesting activities.

By Comenius project we will have a new experience: to work in an international team, to be Europeans, to discover Europe and people from other countries.

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