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Nazwa szkoły: Instytut Escola de Treballflaga-hiszpanii[1]

The name of the school: Instytut Escola de Treball

Miasto: Granollers, 25 km od Barcelony

Town: Granollers, 25 km from Barcelona

Wiek uczniów: 12-18 lat

Age of students: 12-18

Ilość uczniów: 1500

The number of students: 1500

Ilość uczniów biorących udział w projekcie: 120

The number of students taking part in the project: 120

Ilość nauczycieli: 110

The number of teachers: 110

Ilość nauczycieli biorących udział w projekcie: 20

The number of teachers involved in the project: 20

W projekcie biorą udział uczniowie w wieku 12-13 lat

Age of  students involved in the project: 12-13

Wyposażenie szkoły: sala gimnastyczna, boisko, 2 boiska do koszykówki, sale/laboratoria  wyposażone w komputery i wiele innych.

Facilities: the gym, playground, two basketball courts, IT labs equipped with computers, the internet etc.


Our school, Institut Escola de Treball is both a high school for secondary students from 12 to 18 and a vocational school with several specialities which range from mechanics to business administration. The school has a long tradition in our town, where it was founded more than 90 years ago as a vocational school for youngsters who wanted to learn a trade. The school is public and run by the Town Council and at present  has more than 1500 students and 110 teachers.

The school is situated in the centre of Granollers, a middle-sized city of about 60000 inhabitants. The town is 25 km from Barcelona,so it is well located, as it is close to this metropolis as well as to the coast and the mountains.

Our students come from middle and lower class families, mainly. We also have a percentage of immigrant pupils coming from South

America, Morocco and  Sub-Saharian countries, basically. Therefore, to integrate all our students in the society where we live is one of our main aims.

Our school is provided with many facilities including a gym, a playground with two basketball courts, computer-equipped  classrooms and labs ,among others. These, together with the enthusiasm of a team of 20 teachers  participating in the project, plus the involvement of about two hundred  students and some of their families, will help to make this Project  a success  that all our school will share. As a partner country, we are ready to cooperate actively with all our partners and take part in all activities programmed, in order to make the most of this opportunity for our students to widen their horizons by being a part of a whole, which is Europe, while learning in a much more motivating way. Our role in this project is to preparing a Literary Album and UNESCO Monuments book, shows (theater, music, dance), objects, posters, leaflets, Cd and DVDs, organizing the project meeting activities, doing the activities of the project, putting the picures on blog.

We believe that this project will bring cohesion to us all, as members of a greater community as it is Europe and that this experience will help strenghten our links as Europeans.

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