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Autor: admin@sp3 11 grudnia 2014

Dear Visitors,

Here are some basic facts about our school:

Name of the School: Primary School no3 in Żory, Poland

School facilities: There are about 470 students (ages 6-13) and 40 teachers at our school. We have two computer laboratories, 18 other classrooms designed for different subjects and 5 interactive ready-for-use boards, two gyms and the outdoor playing area for small children , the playground and football pitch, which have just been renovated and fitted with new equipment. There is also a school canteen where the cooks prepare and serve dinners for about 120 students every day.

Our Projects:Our teachers and students took part in many interesting European or national programmes and projects promoting healthy lifestyle, independent and creative thinking, positive social behaviour, children’s safety, local history and language.

Our school clubs: There are 12 different subject-based clubs (eg: history, science, English, Polish, school magazine, Maths, etc.), 3 sports clubs, 6 interdisciplinary classes, 6 art-based clubs, 22 small group classes for children with learning difficulties and enchancing students’ development. We also have a clubroom for those children who need to stay at school longer because of their parents’ long working hours.

Our linguistic and cultural diversity within Poland:
Żory is part of SILESIA -a big urban aglomeration (in the south of Poland) which was once famous for coal mining industry. It is a town with its own characteristic history and traditions.
We have and cultivate the SILESIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE

Our interesting location:
Żory is 1,5 hours drive from Cracow, the cultural capital of Poland. It is 40 minutes drive from the Beskidy Mountains and 3 hours drive from the famous Tatra Mountains with great views and delicious food.!!!

Our teachers’ creativity and involvement
During our English lessons we use the interactive board and the internet to make them more interesting. ITC helps us in building a positive attitude to learning especially during classes which are designed for Ss with special educational needs. Our teachers regularly participate in different workshops, organise and prepare students for different contests. They are creative, innovative and ready for challanges.

Greetings from Poland

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